LOB, CLOB, BLOB – Dealing with Attachments in APEX

Included here is the presentation slides that I gave during the RMOUG 2014 conference. RMOUG14 St.Hilaire CLOB_BLOB_LOB Demonstration Application Update: I am working to make the Demonstration application installable to allow users to be able to install and see behind the slides.  This is still in progress.  If you are interested in testing the application, […]

Relocate APEX Interactive Report Loading Image

If you are in the situation where you have either deviated from the standard APEX theme, or have added an adjustments to your page header, you may have noticed that the AJAX loading image for the interactive report can get covered or simply look out of place. Using some jQuery and CSS adjustments, we can relocate the loading image to a position relative to the report that is being used.
The goal here is to define a dynamic position by re-locating the loading image relative to the interactive report.