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  1. I am an end-user and brand new to APEX. I have was asked to create over 20 reports for various work groups.
    I found out recently that the database will be getting dropped, due to server problems.

    Is there a way to save off the reports so I will not have to re-build them once the server is re-built? Thank you, Vince

  2. (Assumption that “reports” = User Saved Interactive Report Layouts) Yes – the reports can be exported WITH the user defined reports. Public reports (defined by a developer) are included automatically. There is an option when you take the application export called “Private Reports” for report layouts stored for users only. As long as your authentication method can understand users from the old system to the new system, it should be possible to include the private ones also. TEST IT before you shut down the old system to confirm you got the definitions included with the export.

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