Oracle Undo and Deleting Many Rows

Lets consider a hypothetical use case: – Limited Undo usage: either by disk space, or undo quota – Large table with many rows to remove/update. There are different ways to handle this situation and your particulars may vary. Considerations may include: Creating a new table with just the rows desired, using parallel DML, etc. Ask Tom […]

Executing host commands from an Oracle database

Several times during my career, I have encountered the need or the question of how to run operating systems commands from the Oracle Database. Doing research on the topic – there are two main ways to accomplish this task. Java or DBMS_SCHEDULER Java Once Oracle included JAVA in the database (v8 + review the version […]

APEX 5 Saved Interactive Reports – Primary Report Name Change

I had a requirement today to use the Saved Reports feature of APEX to create a list of reports for users to pick from. The issue was with the default report name. We wanted the name to reflect what the report was designed for. Showing a label of “All Data” was mare appropriate for the […]

Adventures with AWS RDS and APEX

Disclaimer: These notes were written in November 2015. The services described here may change rapidly based on Amazon offerings. Please verify with Amazon as some of this information may have changed. Recently I have had the opportunity to test and learn a little about the Amazon web services (AWS) Relational Database Service (RDS) offering. RDS […]