BI Publisher – Patch 9546699 – Left and Right Justify

As I go on in my career, I have been learning the adage – “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  Sometimes that is much very hard for me to remember.  Case in point today is Oracle’s BI Publisher.  Patch 9546699 was released in March 2010.  No major or minor revision – but was touted as having additional functionality buried inside.  Oooooo…  How I love new stuff.  And by golly – Tim Dexter even blogged about it.

So – Let’s give it a whirl.  Looks Good.  Standard stuff.  Installed fine.  A few little bits and pieces here and there.  A credit to testing: we kept the new version in development for a while, then one of my developers came across an anomaly.

Tables do not center and right justify correctly from the templates to the output.

Now this is difficult to explain because some justification works..  Text IN a table seems to work fine, but small tables – that are defined as stand alone (not 100% width) templates are not justifying correctly.

The best way to see this is with pictures.

This is the behavior of the base installation
After the Patch 9546699 is applied

I reviewed the notes on the patch – and it outlines that you should also update BUILDER to make sure you have a standard expectation of what will be seen.  The funny part is that the BUILDER also produced the same issue when replacing the xdocore.jar as outline in the notes.  (see Oracle note 797057.1)

Points for consistency – and narrowing down the real source of the issue.

At the moment – with something as basic as the Left and Right justification being damaged in the patch – I would not recommend deploying the update at this time.

Also – to Oracle – PLEASE PLEASE update the minor revisions so that we can better keep track of when errors occur.  So many updates have been done to the platform.. it is hard to determine which versions have issues and which do not.

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